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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning service refers to the maintenance, repair, and optimization of air conditioning systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Heating Service

Heating Service refers to a range of professional maintenance, repair, and installation activities related to heating systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting Service refers to a comprehensive set of offerings provided by professionals or companies in the field of interior lighting design, installation, maintenance, and optimization.

Security System

CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, refers to a system of video surveillance where cameras are used to transmit signals to a specific set of monitors or recording devices, limited to a closed and private network.

Power Outlets

A power outlet, also commonly referred to as an electrical socket, wall socket, or receptacle, is a device that provides a connection point for electrical devices to access electricity from a power source.

Electrical Panels

An electrical panel, also known as a breaker panel or distribution board, is a crucial component of an electrical system in a building or facility. Its main purpose is to control and distribute electrical power to various circuits throughout the structure.

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